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We are Life Coaches based in San Diego! We help people navigate the hurdles in their life, relationships, and career, uncovering the blind spots that they might not see for themselves. This is achieved through proven methods of meditation, journaling, human design, healing, and problem solving. Our clients come from all walks of life, but are open minded, willing to try new things, or just looking for a new way to achieve change in their lives.

Tonya Spivey

Tonya Spivey

Intuitive Healer

Everyone is so unique and beautiful as they walk through their own journey. Love and support are huge components on how those journey’s manifest. How we are loved and how we love ourselves unravels the paths we take. We, the creators of our lives, open the door to the support we need to achieve goals and dreams. My life’s purpose is to assist...

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calvin Spivey

calvin Spivey

Growth Coach

Like everyone else, I was born with many gifts, but similar to most people, I had no idea what they were. From an early age, I was not afraid to try new things to figure out what my gifts were, which I now recognize as a gift itself. Growing up, the phrase; “figure out what you love and do that for the rest of your life” was thrown around. Well I never ...

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Change Makers

Empowering people to create effective change in their lives and enhancing their understanding of how they move through the world.


Customers First

With a combine history of over 20 years of customer service, our customers always come first.


Our approach uses many modalities to help you achieve your goals or desired outcomes.

Team Focused

We have different coaching strengths, but this combined team effort helps Soul Dynamite succeed like no other.

Don't just take our word for it!

We take pride in what we do for our clients, their goals and challenges become our goals and challenges. Each client comes to us with a different view of life and how they want to fit in it. The team at Soul Dynamite feel it is our mission to show as many people as possible, that the things they want in life really are just an arms reach away.

We would also like to thank our clients for providing us with these testimonials. You guys are the reasons why we love what we do.

What the heck is “JUST ASK”? It is where we, The Soul Dynamite Team, answer your questions about life, love, spirituality, or business/career. You may now be asking, why should I ask “YOU” my question? With us, you get a certified Life Coach's perspective from Calvin and the insight of an Intuitive Healer from Tonya. Together we bring 20 years of experience in supporting people through life’s challenges and celebrating their triumphs!

What types of questions should I ask?

  • I have lost my vision of focus and purpose as a blah blah, how can I get back to feeling great about what I do?
  • How can I care for my elderly dad without losing sight of my own life and passions?
  • I want to start meditating again, but every time I try, my mind wanders and I don’t feel all the benefits that I am supposed to from it. What can I do to feel that good stuff people talk about?
  • Why do I keep picking the same book (relationship partner) different cover? I can’t seem to find a person that I feel connected to that is also into me. Either emotionally unavailable or I am not physically attracted to them.



Episode #7 What is Soul Dynamite? What is it you guys do?

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We keep all names confidential, so NO your name won’t be mentioned in the episode. It is strictly so Tonya can tune into your energy to assist her in answering your question.

Facebook Posts

Today's message......

"Belief is the strongest virtue you have, it comes from deep inside of you. (yes, it's not a true virtue but you must treat it like one.) The blessings are strong if you allow them but also gentle and subtle where you may miss them.

As long as you believe challenges are happening for a reason and truly open to the reason then it makes the movement so much easier. Yes, there are days when the blessings seem so far away, but as long as you believe there is a blessing that will be revealed or make sense later, you have more strength to move forward.

Standing tall in the face of yourself, knowing you are doing what you can for self care through these challenges, hearing the voice of loved ones saying they love you, and fighting for that self love when you may want to replay that negative record player.

Believe in yourself, the cause you fight for, and the messages you are given from the universe."
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Here is a fun thing to ponder for today.......

"What is the element you feel you are missing? Is it fire to create the action you need to get stuff done? Fire can also represent your need to take a stand with the inner fire from your belly to fight for a cause or belief you have. The fire to burn away all the blocks that are holding you back. The fire to heat up a romance that is just going through the motions as you navigate through your own independent lives.

Is it water to be more fluid in your day? Do you need to let things roll off your back? Do you actually need to drink more water to help flush the feelings or energy of frustration or challenge? Or take a bath in salt water to release anything you picked from the day. Water is such a needed element for life to exist.

Is it air to be a little more free? The freedom of air as it moves over your face walking by the ocean. The freedom you feel when you exhale the air from your lungs. Do you need to come up for air after diving deep into work? Air is spontaneous.

DIs it Earth to be more settled and grounded in your day to day? Earth brings the feelings of stability. Do you need to have a deeper connection with Mother Earth and all of nature right now? Are you in need of some anchoring right now because you feel to chaotic and your mind is racing 100 mph?

Do you need the strength from metal to pave your way? The focused path of showing direction needed? Do you need to get organized? Metal brings in the focus and strength you need.

Take in the elements as you need them today and throughout the next full month. Be very conscious of what you are in need of and bring it in!"
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