Be thirsty for knowledge as you come across experiences that may be challenging in your life. Question their meanings, understand the lessons, and embrace the healing. Challenges come and go like the weather, some last as long as seasons and some come through like a cloudy day.

This understanding will take some of the pressure off those times of a strong weather pattern. If you are experiencing those times of challenge, understand that the clouds do roll away and breath in the fresh air those clouds and storm provide. Understand that those times are just happening to clear the dirt and dust that have settled in your life.

You are here to refresh and grow as humans so take those times of challenge and utilize them as message to clear up the stagnation and interrupt the patterns that are so ingrained into your daily routines. Take that rainy day to investigate new ways of thinking, doing, and facing the road map you are walking.

How much time and energy do you put into cultivating your movement forward? If it is all business and work without looking at your own well being and growth then how do you expect to get better results? There is also the other side of the spectrum, those of you that may reflect too much and not take action learned from the wisdom put before you. Take action!

Be grateful for the beauty each weather pattern brings to your life and hydrate your soul with the knowledge of each experience. Sending you all much love as you walk through your day.

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