psychic-72085_640This is a question I hear a lot and the answer is different for everyone. Let’s first start with the language itself. I frequently use the word intuition instead of psychic because I found that people misunderstand or even feel intimidated by the word psychic. I have been mistaken or put in the category of neon palm in a window or Miss Cleo when the label psychic came up. Also people feel they aren’t psychic but use their intuition or that inner knowing when the phone rings, who is on the other end. Intuition is more wide spread vs what people think of as psychic.

Just as everyone has different skill set and how their gifts or natural abilities came about, the same goes for your intuition. For some, it could be an instant feeling of just knowing something. For others it is a gut feeling that they just can’t shake. There are multiple ways to experience the intuition and it may not show up strong in every part of your life. For example, a teacher may get strong intuitive hits on how to teach a student that is struggling with a concept that everyone else gets, but may not get an image10immediate hit on a guy she is dating. A Dr may have a gut response to call for a test that isn’t normal protocol for her patient’s symptoms but turns out was the right thing, but not sure whether to test his own child a certain way.

The intuition is a beautiful thing that we have all experienced one time or another. It is a gift that keeps on giving regardless of what you do or don’t do like the natural ability to breath. You don’t think about breathing but it happens all the time.  I believe we all have intuition like the mechanism to breath but think about how great you feel when you actually think about your breath and choose to breath deep and steady. Amazing gifts from it…. Peace and sense of calm. Same is true when focusing on your intuition… gifts galore!

If you want to listen to more info about the abilities and gifts of the intuition, then listen to my latest interview. I will be talking with Kimheart-1187266_640 Polinder, Woo Woo for the Skeptic host, about all things psychic and intuitive. We go over what the skeptics want to know, how to help a child that is seeing or feeling things, and how to treat your body to be more intuitive.  Some of the tips may surprise you!


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