This message from spirit is such a great reminder of how to deal with life's drama and those that come into our lives.....

As you walk through the halls of this life, remember the many actors that have come in and out of your life, creating the stories and drama you hold now. Life's dramas are full of lessons and experiences that create who we are. How have they impacted your life currently? What do you need to let go of? It is up to you to see your life and the many illusions created as truth or see them as just illusions.

Your soul is walking through a movie production and your physical body and mind are one of the characters as well as others coming in and out. Through your continued growth and evolution, you will recognized the gifts these characters brought you, as well as the false truths.

Spend time reflecting the movies you have starred in and what new movies you want to have a role in. This is a fun way to truly lighten the harsh emotion you have experienced. It is true, you have endured challenge but it does not need to continue to hold you back from the amazing work you are here to do.

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