What does love mean to you? Where does love sit in your body? How do you see love in the world?

Love comes from everywhere, it may be sitting quietly dormant in things waiting for its time to shine. Love waits to be ignited between two people. It sits softly in a pregnancy test as it brings people closer together regardless of the results. It lives in our hearts but usually only lives up to half its potential. Love is a strong life force that can potentially move mountains. Through love, miracles happen on so many levels. daisy-heart

Love is expressed in so many ways. I hear it through music as the words or melody of the song hit deep within my soul. I feel the love that was used to write the words or the love that went into sitting at a piano creating the music. Love through music is a powerful thing and how an artist performs can also measure the level of love someone feels. I get goose bumps when I hear certain songs or watching someone perform them live. I well up inside as I feel that love pouring out of the artist. Feeling the pure love they have for what they do. 

Love can be felt through watching a child. Simply receiving their embrace as they go to bed is full of love. Children are truly a foundation of that pure source love. Their bright eyes looking back at yours with such wonder and amazement as they go about their little lives. They love unconditionally without holding back. They have yet to be taught the lessons of pain that can be felt with deep love. The guarded walls have not been put up. Just a pure expression of natural love.

The biggest expression of love I see many struggle with is self love. Why is it so easy to love outside of ourselves yet to truly love ourselves is so difficult and not favored in modern day mindset. It truly is one of the most important parts of love yet gets the least attention. Standing quietly alone and simply feeling the love you have for yourself is one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself. This comes from deep within, blowing away judgement and expectation.... Take a moment now to just sit in this pool of pure love for yourself, every ounce of your being soaking it up and overflowing with it’s power. When I say power, I do not mean power over something or someone but more from a sense of empowerment. Open this door to truly love yourself more than anyone or anything else is very powerful and so is the insight and existence it can bring.

Wouldn’t you like to sit in a place of peace when thinking about your body, your financial state, your partner or lack there of? How about worrying what your next move in life will be? This peace is generated by loving yourself whole heartily. If you loved yourself more, would you not feel so desperate to have a partner tell you how great you are and fill that void missing from self love? If you loved yourself more, would you do things that you felt passionate about vs what you do out of guilt or necessity? Self-love brings about more abundance! If you had more self love, would you love your body no matter the shape and choose foods that nourish your lovely temple? Loving yourself more would begin to dissipate the need to seek approval or the ” if I could only get there , then I would feel complete” mantra.

fog-beacon of lightI spoke earlier of trusting yourself, this is a huge beacon of light that goes along with self love.  Shifting your perspective around challenging situations will enhance your self-love. Imagine if you can believe you will not purposely steer yourself into unsavory situations and if you do get yourself into something then accepting there is a bigger purpose or lesson around the corner because of it. Trust is a product of complete pure love for yourself. Trust can be questioned from outside sources but if you sit in a place of pure love living inside your heart, you know you are doing the right thing for you and the outside sources will not waver your determination or inner knowing. Trust creates balance and is the strength as we walk on the tight rope of life. Standing tall in our sense of truth is brought about through love and the inner guidance that generates from love. The trust related to others is also expanded from self love because we know that we will only bring in those that our worthy of our trust and love.

Love is a beautiful gift and we experience such a spectrum of energy around it. How did you feel as you read this? Allow yourself to truly check in with where you sit in the love department at this time. If this stirs things up and you need support in deepening your self love and trust, let's work together! If you are feeling full of love, share it with anyone and everything, radiate that love out!

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