August 13, 2014

Manifestation is such a beautiful tool to work with. It does work EVERY time but energy and belief is a huge part of it. It also takes practice and an expanded view that what you want to manifest may come in a different package. For those that may feel it doesn’t work for them, check your belief system. If you have a financial glass ceiling for yourself which means you do not believe you can manifest over a certain amount then guess what, the universe will not bring that to you. Maybe you have been asking for a great relationship but believe it will never happen. Look at deep rooted beliefs when manifesting the big things. Manifesting has some things to consider….belief you can have what you want to manifest and trusting when little cues come to take action. The process works like a muscle and must be exercised, which also helps with the trusting element too. Start with parking when going somewhere that is always an issue. My family and I use it EVERY SINGLE time we know parking will be an issue. Works like a charm! Try asking for something small, and let go of the judgement around if you will get it or if you are asking right. Practice practice practice!

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