Why Coaching? RESULTS BABY!!


N Running RaceHaving a coach in your corner creates results and growth. Look at your younger years of being on a sports team or in gym class, without the coach or teacher, you didn’t know where to start or how to get better. Why not take on the Game of Life with the same system that has been working in the sports arena for years? The coach’s job is to assist by building on your natural gifts and talents, seeing your blind spots, and strengthen you to improve your overall game. Together celebrating the win of a game but keep you practicing to build the skills and dial in your strategy for the long haul is what a coach brings. Through analyzing the losses, together we improve through new strategies or refining old ones. This is the foundation to create movement, achieve goals, and life a better lifestyle.

The effectiveness of coaching has been shown time and time again in the sports industry.  Sports figures receive various types of coaching to refine their skills to razor share perception. They may have a specific coach for their swing, strength training, and a mindset to assist with many areas of their profession. The need for all of their expertise keeps them in their highest level of performance. They choose their coach because of expertise and connection. Trusting their coach will stretch and expand their expertise into their full capacity.

Why don’t you deserve the same effective coaching to refine your skills, lifestyle, and wellbeing so the world can experience the best you? You can Q Determined1perform at the same level because you possess your own gifts and talents that may be lying dormant or under developed. You need a coach to help you amplify, strengthen, and consistently work on your end game. A coach will to help you see potential and the ability to strengthen those gifts not being used to their full potential.

Again, thinking back to your pivotal coaches and teachers as a kid, they brought something to the table for you. Through their assistance you were able to create something or achieve something you were unable to do on your own. The accountability, the team or the teacher, created so you could excel and move beyond your comfort zone.  As a child, you were typically unable to choose your coach or teacher but now, as an adult, you can. The beautiful thing about hiring a coach on your terms is you can choose who you work with, who will unleash those deep desires, and who will launch you into winning the Game of Life.

No ExcusesAs you read this, your own excuses maybe flooding to your head with why you don’t pursue your own coach. The cost of your own goals, dreams, and success is worth it. The amount you can get done while working with a coach is priceless but you can create action around increasing your financial intake or finally sticking to that budget you have set up a million times.  You will finally have someone on your team that is keeping you accountability to those desires. Through coaching, you will get more done in less time which creates productive momentum and accomplishment. Isn’t that worth a few adjustments in your budget now to make this happen.

Maybe time is your excuse. Isn’t a 30 min call a week worth accomplishing those goals you have putting off or couldn’t stick to by yourself? Think about how many mins you burn in a day from lack of direction, an action plan, or accountability. You can spare 30 mins to finally check those things off your list or need to get done in the next 6 months. The awareness here is priority; you have to decide what is more important for you to move forward to succeed. Give yourself permission now to devote time to what finally needs to get done, get organized, and get released. The point here is you don’t have the time to not have a coach in your corner to assist with being more efficient, clear, and energetic. Yes, I said energetic. By getting more done, you will feel great with all that you have accomplished and busting through the beliefs that have held you back in the past.

How do I find a coach? This can be overwhelming for some as there are many to choose from. The process begins with self-reflection. What do you want to be coach on?  Look at what motivates you, what scares you, and what bugs you to your core. What coaches or teachers from your childhood made an impact on you? Why? Look at the style that will be beneficial to you. If you need to be more organized but you have a belief set in as a child from your ultra-control freak mom, seeking a coach that has a strong foundation in serious organization may not work for you. Seeking someone that will guide you into your own map of organization with a gentle but steady hand may be a better fit. On the other hand, learning from the serious organized coach may help you set up your own inner boundaries with organization and create harmony with it. Ask yourself if you prefer a guy or girl? You looking for spiritual approach just more business coaching? Would you like in person or would you prefer over the phone? Do you believe the universe will set you up with the right person as long as you do the searching to find a person? Get clear on what you would like and begin the search on google, facebook, or YouTube. Look up coaching schools or certification programs to get referrals. If you like the school’s philosophy, many of their past students come from the same school of thought. At the end of the day, if you start with one coach and it doesn’t feel right, you can change! Do not let that be the excuse to stop you from reaching your goals, blasting through your procrastination, and aligning with the lifestyle you want to live.


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