A message from spirit...... "Whether you are 8 or 80, play is essential for life force to radiate at a high vibration. What form of play do you enjoy? Practical jokes, cartwheels ohide your eyesn the beach, arranging flowers, or whipping up a delicious dessert, all bring a sense of simple joy. That playful energy is a gift for you to experience often. The feelings are infectious so if you are unable to drum up your own playful activities, watch others to boost your own. Watch a video of animals being playful, people laughing, or someone playfully pranking another. Even if you go back to your hum drum feeling after those videos, you gave yourself a frequency boost. This matters! This shifts the vibration moving through you and that changes your entire being. Bring more of those experiences and vibrations and you will experience a dramatic change in your external life. All work and no play is not your natural calling. Throughout history, play and laughter were part of the human existence. What playful things can you do today?! Write it down, take action, and feel the vibration shift!"

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