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Like everyone else, I was born with many gifts, but similar to most people, I had no idea what they were. From an early age, I was not afraid to try new things to figure out what my gifts were, which I now recognize as a gift itself. Growing up, the phrase; “figure out what you love and do that for the rest of your life” was thrown around. Well I never really found any one thing that gave me that feeling. So the search was on and has lasted most of my life. Over the years, I have accumulated quite the resume of careers. If you were to ask anyone that knows me well, they would all tell you, I am not afraid to change my direction to find what makes me happy.

Over the last few years, I have committed my attention to deeper self-awareness and discovery. I’ve learned that during my life’s search for my gifts, I was using my gifts all along through some form of service. Coaching has truly engaged my life purpose of helping others discovery their greatness. I have finally figured out how to channel my love to inspire and assist others on their journey with my creative skills of problem solving and genuine listening.

It’s funny how the universe works. When you finally decide to walk toward your purpose, it starts walking toward you. This universal meddling lead me to be involved with the Dharma Express team. Through their extensive training for coaches I was able to hone my coaching skills by utilizing the proven method that gets results. Now that I have the Dharma Express process to help enhance my natural coaching skills, I can work with anyone looking to make changes in their life and reach the goals they desire.

I am confident and comfortable using my natural ability to connect with people, my intuition to help understand, and my professional level of just starting over to help others achieve the success they dream of. As a coach, I come to the table with a no nonsense approach to assisting my clients in finding the core of who they are and uncovering the blind spots that maybe getting in the way. I am deeply committed to supporting them as we find what is blocking their goals and celebrating what is really working in their lives. Together we crack open the door holding back their dreams, enabling the release to find their true self.

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Today's message is simple....

"Consciously breathe, allowing the benefits to calm, quiet, and center. When things are challenging, breathe. If you don't understand something, breathe. Someone is creating disharmony in your experience, breathe.

This simple act will change your entire being. Embrace this habit with every fiber inside you. Take this in as your new vice. The physical body will thank you. Enjoy the oxygen and calm now."
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What a great reminder from spirit!!

"Making dreams come alive are important as you walk through your lives together. You can help another achieve that through support, energy, love, and assurance. You all need those same things from others around you. It is a shared duty.

When you are pessimistic to new ideas or decisions others have made, you are not providing support fully. You do not always agree with what they choose but maybe they have a lesson to learn from this new idea that came to them. Yes it may not work but they will learn from it.

You have more failed attempts in life vs successes. If you can remember to let those you support, be free to make some mistakes. When giving your views, do it in the most loving way with honest concern, still giving them support through a listening ear or maybe others angles to think about.

The other side is also to be a good receiver when loved ones are trying to share insight that may save you time or just provide a different approach. Dreams are meant to be fulfilled so do what you can to support the dreams of others as well as moving forward with your own."
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