Office building
Office lobby

4225 Executive Square, Suite 600
La Jolla, CA
Parking is either across the street (In the parking garage) for $4 an hour or street parking can be found one block north of our building on Executive Drive west of the Jewish Community Center.

Take the elevator up to the 6th floor and head into the lobby through the open set of double doors. The receptionists will greet you and let me know you are here. We have a beverage bar that you can feel free to get a cup of coffee or tea as well as infused water.

Tonya's Skype ID is tonyaspivey1 for Skype sessions with her.

619.302.9891- Tonya Spivey                     619.719.1944- Calvin Spivey

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Today's message is simple....

"Consciously breathe, allowing the benefits to calm, quiet, and center. When things are challenging, breathe. If you don't understand something, breathe. Someone is creating disharmony in your experience, breathe.

This simple act will change your entire being. Embrace this habit with every fiber inside you. Take this in as your new vice. The physical body will thank you. Enjoy the oxygen and calm now."
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What a great reminder from spirit!!

"Making dreams come alive are important as you walk through your lives together. You can help another achieve that through support, energy, love, and assurance. You all need those same things from others around you. It is a shared duty.

When you are pessimistic to new ideas or decisions others have made, you are not providing support fully. You do not always agree with what they choose but maybe they have a lesson to learn from this new idea that came to them. Yes it may not work but they will learn from it.

You have more failed attempts in life vs successes. If you can remember to let those you support, be free to make some mistakes. When giving your views, do it in the most loving way with honest concern, still giving them support through a listening ear or maybe others angles to think about.

The other side is also to be a good receiver when loved ones are trying to share insight that may save you time or just provide a different approach. Dreams are meant to be fulfilled so do what you can to support the dreams of others as well as moving forward with your own."
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