March 25, 2015

It is time to clean a little house in the emotional dept. As I sit here to write this post, I am being shown all the lovely tools we use to clean house. Vacuum, dust rags, and mop. : ) This means it is time to really spring clean ourselves. If you have questions or need assistance with your spring cleaning, know I am here for assistance. Here is our message from spirit regarding what this means for us.

“It is time to go back in the vaults of memories, experiences, and emotions felt that still hang on to your present day person. The understanding of how this energy is being carried around from situations of the past is clear but how do I clear it, you may ask. This process can be done with many different healing modalities including everything from talk therapy to prayer. The true healing happens with the belief it can happen. This is why you must choose a healing modality you truly believe will heal you. If you do not believe prayer can heal you then that is not the tool to use. We challenge you to also find a new tool to use that you can believe in.

If you choose to do some of this release work on your own, you must also check in with your belief system to know you believe you can achieve results that way as well. You are able to achieve results from self healing. We know that everyone has the birthright to heal themselves but the question is do you? If you do, again there are many ways to clean out the old baggage of the past. Getting into a calm relaxed state is essential. You can imagine receiving help from spirit as you move into the healing process. There are many ways to release when you are in the relaxed state. A magnet pulling all the emotion, trauma, or shock from the different situation that come up. You can imagine a bubble carrying them away. You can ask your guides and angels to release. The point is to allow the feelings to be released. You may want to ponder before you get into the calm state what you would like to release or be guided what is sitting there that you are not aware of. After the release happens imagine unconditional love replacing what are you are releasing. Thank whoever helped you including yourself for the beautiful work.

Also you may experience more emotion as you move through your daily activities. This is good as you are releasing more energy. You must take the time to actually feel the emotions so they can be released. This is a very important step. Allow yourself to feel each emotion to the fullest. It will dissipate much faster if you allow the process to happen. Take your time and allow for more than one “session” of clearing. As you release, more may come to the surface. It is great to keep checking in.”

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