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Introducing Tonya Spivey, Your Intuitive Life Coach!

Tonya Spivey specializes in helping people overcome life’s challenges, enhance relationships, and boost their career by uncovering blind spots that may be hidden from their own perspective. Through a blend of meditation, journaling, human design, healing, and problem-solving techniques, Tonya can enable you to achieve transformative change in your life.

Clients who work with Tonya come from diverse backgrounds, but share a common trait: they are open-minded, willing to embrace new experiences, and eager to discover innovative ways to create positive change in their lives.

Experience the magic of intuitive life coaching with Tonya Spivey and embark on a journey towards a more fulfilling, empowered, and vibrant life.

Tonya Spivey - Intuitive Healer

"Everyone is so unique and beautiful as they walk through their own journey. Love and support are huge components on how those journey’s manifest. How we are loved and how we love ourselves unravels the paths we take. We, the creators of our lives, open the door to the support we need to achieve goals and dreams. My life’s purpose is to assist."

Soul Dynamite

Hear it from the hearts we’ve touched!

Tonya Spivey, your intuitive life coach, pours her heart and soul into each client, embracing their goals and challenges as if they were her own. Each client brings a unique perspective on life and a personal vision of how they wish to thrive in it. Tonya believes deeply that your heart’s desires are within your reach – closer than you might think.

Your Journey, Our Passion.

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Change Makers

Empowering people to create effective change in their lives and enhancing their understanding of how they move through the world.

Customers First

With a combine history of over 20 years of customer service, our customers always come first.


Our approach uses many modalities to help you achieve your goals or desired outcomes.

Team Focused

We have different coaching strengths, but this combined team effort helps Soul Dynamite succeed like no other.

What the heck is “JUST ASK”? It is where we, The Soul Dynamite Team, answer your questions about life, love, spirituality, or business/career. You may now be asking, why should I ask “YOU” my question? With us, you get a certified Life Coach’s perspective from Calvin and the insight of an Intuitive Healer from Tonya. Together we bring 20 years of experience in supporting people through life’s challenges and celebrating their triumphs!

What types of questions should I ask?

  • I have lost my vision of focus and purpose as a blah blah, how can I get back to feeling great about what I do?
  • How can I care for my elderly dad without losing sight of my own life and passions?
  • I want to start meditating again, but every time I try, my mind wanders and I don’t feel all the benefits that I am supposed to from it. What can I do to feel that good stuff people talk about?
  • Why do I keep picking the same book (relationship partner) different cover? I can’t seem to find a person that I feel connected to that is also into me. Either emotionally unavailable or I am not physically attracted to themo

Episode #7 What is Soul Dynamite? What is it you guys do?

We keep all names confidential, so NO your name won’t be mentioned in the episode. It is strictly so Tonya can tune into your energy to assist her in answering your question.

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