The need for continual healing is inevitable for all of us as we walk down our path in life.  Through the healing work I do, we join forces to unlock the deep seated beliefs and self-sabotage. We will first look at your own personal blue print through your Human Design make up. This will open the door to understanding why you do what you do and what is conditioned from outside sources such as parents, relationships, and even past life energy. This part of the healing process is an eye opening experience because it shines light onto why you can’t seem to focus or start things you never finish, have difficultly in relationships, or struggle to understand money. Through understanding your Human Design, you no longer have to walk up stream, trying to make changes that are part of you just like your eye color.

Once we uncover your unique blueprint, we will go to work on the conditioned patterns that are no longer serving you.  With my intuitive gifts, I am able to see what beliefs and programming beneath the surface of your awareness that you are ready to release. You give yourself and me permission to release each one as they come up, which is done in a completely relaxed state of mind and body. You are in a comfortable seated or lying down position with your eyes closed, allowing yourself to totally unwind.  As I tell you the statement or belief that I see intuitively, you decide in the moment to release it. Once you agree, I then intuitively witness the unfolding and release of each “old” belief as you let it go. Then it is replaced with a new positive one, which you will also agree to as well.  As you just relax, you allow the energy to shift in you.  You may feel an instant change, a flutter of energy, or you may feel nothing, but leave the session feeling lighter. Everyone moves through their healings in their own way. All of this work is done with the purest of intentions and energy directly from the universal source and the creator. This process is done with ease and grace as we move you into your highest and best place.
The healing sessions are about an hour and are in a series of 8 to start the process. To get the most out of the healing series, weekly appts are necessary . The first session will be gong over your unique Human Design make up and usually lasts around 1.5 hrs. The results are endless, beginning with a deeper connection to yourself, to an awakening of your manifesting skills or the ability to truly open your heart to a relationship. Imagine your life without the looming feelings of worry or concern of what others think and now being filled with true happiness and unconditional love.The life changes this healing has made on my own life are incredible. I am manifesting an abundance of work, which I absolutely love, and now experiencing an even deeper love with my husband. Through continued work on my beliefs and life transformations, I realized my life’s work is to assist others to do the same. I believe our healing work is to be looked at as a practice. We continue to uncover more of ourselves and we heal through the many layers as we grow and expand as a soul.
Human Design is only used in the series sessions,  not used for the single or maintenance sessions.


Another approach of healing is called “Game of Life”. This theta healing series was designed based on real-life success cases and gives an opportunity to remove specific limiting beliefs and instill hundreds of feelings to achieve greater success in life and business. In 7  one hour sessions, we will cover these areas to create the success in your own life. This approach is similar to my single sessions but together we go over specific beliefs that come up for many related to say…. parents or being a part of society. We will uncover what is really hidden in your belief system that is stopping you from truly creating the success in life you desire. As we all move through this “Game of Life”, our beliefs and programming come up so this healing process really releases what you no longer need. This 7 session series is $1400.   Topics include:

  • Belief work – Practical Approach
  • Free yourself from parent obligations
  • Release traumas
  • Get accepted by society
  • Handle peer pressure
  • Receive infinite abundance
  • Grow your business as you wish
  • Get ready to succeed
  • Get excited
  • Visioning and Manifestation

Create your personalize strategy to play this “Game of life” and win!! 

Here’s what others have to say…

“I have had two sessions with Tonya and have had extraordinary changes, I was suffering with Epstein Barr Virus for over a year and it left me with horrible side effect and feeling terribly low. After one session of Theta Healing I felt the changes instantly and over the week felt shifts within my body. I had lots of energy and any negative thoughts were instantly over ridden with positive thoughts. After my second session I found myself eating healthier, cleaner foods, and steering clear of any sugar. I have also lost weight and this makes me feel so good and confident. I feel happy and positive and motivated to be a better me! I will keep you posted on this wonderful healing journey.” “The changes after the 3rd session have been phenomenal, Tonya worked on my daughter who could not control her tantrums and I was tearing myself apart with turmoil. Tonya worked through me to help my daughter and I cannot believe the changes that have been made. We are getting along so well and have a more loving and bonding relationship. My daughter has also settled within herself and has become reasonable and understanding. I am enjoying her company and her love. I also had a great fear of heights that Tonya honed in on, to my disbelief I looked over the edge of a very high balcony and did not feel the fear I have felt before. I didn’t realise there was no more fear until I sat down 5 minutes after and thought ‘I just looked over that balcony!’. I also have to note I am waking up feeling more refreshed and really enthusiastic about my day. I am still eating healthily and feeling so good. Prior to the sessions with Tonya, I was feeling emotional, full of anxiety and suffering with horrible pain from the EBV. This has helped me so much to make changes and heal through Tonya’s intuitive healing! Tonya, I can’t thank you enough for all of these massive shifts you have helped me to get my life back. I am now back at work and feeling great!”
“This was by far the most powerful thing I’ve done for myself. Tonya went straight to the core of some of my deep seated issues, some I had no idea I had. It was like one after the other I was saying to myself “Oh my god.” It’s one thing to do work on yourself. It’s another to allow yourself to heal. It’s the best gift you can give yourself. There is no better and safer place to do that than with Tonya.”
“Tonya’s healing sessions along with her gift of intuition are a powerful combination for releasing thoughts and emotions. I was delighted to hear the shift in Tonya’s dialogue at the end of my last two sessions as she began channeling information specific for me from spirit. Jaw dropping accuracy and life changing healing. I’m already experiencing the benefits of clearing away what no longer serves my highest and greatest good!”