Maximize Your Potential!!

There couldn’t be a better time to kick your potential into gear than right now!
You clicked this link because you are being called to make change. Your heart and soul are ready to make that move now. Have you tried programs in the past but still feel stuck?
Get ready for a customized intuitive way to break through the blocks you’ve been facing.  This coaching series taps you into  your true potential allowing you to manifest what you desire.
Get one-on-one support directly from your guides, angels, and higher self while working on what you want to manifest. 
Learn manifestation techniques by observing and feeling concrete results with a real intuitive. We will work on building your own skills to create what you want. We will also do healing work that will release the beliefs and programming currently set in place. Beliefs and programming are one of the components holding you back.  It’s simple and easy once you commit to working with a coach to push through your own patterns and habits.  You will feel the difference.  Focusing on your goals and releasing resistance is the key to creating what you want.
Give yourself a personal guarantee to manifest the abundance you want by committing to learning how.  Maybe it’s more financial wealth or security.  It could be better health or a more committed relationship. Attracting what you want is fun and you can do it with ease once you know how!  Tap into the motivation you have readily available, your powerful potential, inside of you.
If you are reading this information, you are already attracting what you need to learn. Committing right now gets you one step closer to your powerful potential. The difference between working together with an intuitive coach vs alone will bring about the movement and joy you deserve.
Build your own skills that allow you to create what you want when you want. 
In this series you will gain:
  • Focus on your goals and release resistance or blocks
  • Valuable personalized attention
  • Direct intuitive guidance and learning how using your own intuition can help you easily reach for what you want
  • Access to spiritual methods of connecting with your guides, angels, or loved ones to receive the guidance and direction needed to enhance your own special tools hidden within
  • Direct healing techniques to release the beliefs and programming that have stopped you in the past
  • Accountability to stay focused on your goals

This coaching plan includes:

  • specific tools for you to create movement
  • deep belief release healing
  • tasks to achieve goals
  • life changing coping tools to continue on your journey
  • 8 – one on one 1 hr personalized intuitive coaching sessions (weekly or bi-weekly)
  • The length of the series is three months.

All for the price of $1500 

Cancellation and Rescheduling Agreement:   If you need to cancel or reschedule your session you will need to give 24 hours advance notice from your scheduled appointment. If you fail to arrive for an appointment you may reschedule, however, you will be charged in full for the initial appointment that you missed. – 

Here’s what others have to say…

I came to Tonya because I was not getting results from the therapist’s couch. I needed to clean up some areas in my life, but didn’t have the tools to do it. Tonya’s unique approach allowed me to follow my own path with her guidance. Her healing sessions have impacted my life in so many ways I have lost count. I have new tools in life’s toolbox and I use them every day.Tonya’s gift is a gift to all who connect with her.
Her coaching has been very beneficial, in the short period of time we’ve been working together. Her guidance has allowed me to get closer to the root of the issues I have been working on improving. This has not only helped give me a more positive outlook, but also better insight as to how making small changes can have a big impact. Revelations though Tonya’s readings have resonated with me, which is always exciting! And the daily practices she has influenced me to incorporate, such as meditation and journaling, have helped provide clarity as to what really needs to be focused on in order to see positive results. Overall, I have really relished through this experience, and looking forward to how far I can go with Tonya’s continued guidance!
When I was presented with the opportunity to take Tonya’s coaching program I was excited, nervous and definitely not over optimistic about the results. Having done the program I must say that my life has transformed significantly for the better. Many of the changes that I’ve always wanted to make and goals I’ve wanted to achieve have been clarified, many achieved and others well on the way to being reached. Since starting the course, I have gained tools to help me clarify and make better decisions as well as break them down into actionable steps that I can pursue daily and weekly. I’m enjoying my work more, I’ve started building my business and am within arms reach of landing my first account. I’m exercising 4+ days a week and frequently establishing new personal bests in running. Journaling, setting goals being accountable for them to myself and my coach have made me focused & driven and I am enjoying the successes that I have created. I plan to continue to use the tools that I have acquired to bring further success into my life and to instill these into my children to set them up for life.