As an Intuitive Life Stylist, I assist you with your connection to your guides and higher self. I believe we all deserve to experience the best that life has to offer. By working with me, we co-create the paths and tools for your individual needs. Utilizing my skills as a medium and intuitive, together we put together the puzzle that will open up clarity and doors to renew your excitement for your journey. The session will begin with setting our intention so please come to the session with a couple of ideas in mind. I will begin by giving you a short energy healing to ground you and clear any superficial blocks that are in your way.  Next, I will have you state your full name, allowing me to connect to your higher self, guides, and angels. This is where we begin to co-create your map and tools for happiness. 

I will then convey the messages from your guides, angels, and higher self. Asking specific questions you are seeking clarity on is also an important part of the session as well so please come prepared. This is a great time to take notes, as your guides will give specific exercises to practice, healing modalities to try, or even adventures to take. My intention is for you to leave empowered with tools to enable you to blossom and grow. We all have times when we are feeling less than excited about life, but the true gift is what you do during those times to learn and release from them.


As a medium, I am able to see and receive messages from the spirit world and loved ones that have passed on. If you are looking for closure after a loved one has passed, this can be an experience full of healing and release. Depending on the person, the deceased loved ones may just pop in without an invitation at the beginning of a session, but most times I ask that we invite them in by stating their name. Not all loved ones that have passed have a message during a session. This does not mean they are not around you but they are unavailable. Loved ones that we may not have known(great grandparents) or been close to may pop in as well to give a message. Communication with our departed loved ones can deliver profound closure and soothing to our hearts as well as awareness and clarity to things happening in our lives. As a medium, I work mostly with past and present events, Although some future may come in. I believe that we are all co-creators of our future so I focus less on future events. I believe in the tools and guidance spirits have to offer that empower us and help us build our own future. We have a wonderful thing called free will that allows us to change the course of our future with every move. If you are looking for connection, closure, and healing regarding a loved one that has passed, then open yourself up and book a session.

Sessions can be performed via phone or zoom. It is a personal preference on session setting since the connection I make with your guides, angels, or higher self does not require you to be in the same room.

Cancellation and Rescheduling Agreement:   If you need to cancel or reschedule your session you will need to give 24 hours advance notice from your scheduled appointment. If you fail to arrive for an appointment you may reschedule, however, you will be charged in full for the initial appointment that you missed.

Here’s what others have to say…

Tonya is gift I have had readings from Tonya for a few years and each time it is a personal, insightful and rewarding experience. She connects and the messages she conveys are always correct. It is also my pleasure to call her my friend. Thank you for the guidance you’ve provided me on my journeys.
My husband and I went to see Tonya because he was experiencing very deep feelings of sadness due to the loss of his mother and step mother. Tonya connected with us and the spirit world immediately. She provided my husband with comfort and healing. I just sat in and I even got a little info on my grandfather that I was worried about. If you need healing and a connection this is an amazing way to receive it (if you believe). She isn’t a fortune teller. She is very intuitive and has given one of the best gifts to my husband anyone has since his mothers have passed. I recommend her to anyone suffering.
I’ve been seeing Tonya for guidance for just over four years. Her intuitive ability with me has proven to be very much a positive in my life. She knew the gender of both my children, helped guide me on the career path that I will maintain until I retire and just recently let me know that I would be finding a new space for my small business. Her accuracy is undeniable and I don’t hesitate to refer her to all who would benefit from her gift.