I came to Tonya because I was not getting results from the therapist’s couch. I needed to clean up some areas in my life, but didn’t have the tools to do it. Tonya’s unique approach allowed me to follow my own path with her guidance. Her healing sessions have impacted my life in so many ways I have lost count. I have new tools in life’s toolbox and I use them every day.Tonya’s gift is a gift to all who connect with her.
Her coaching has been very beneficial, in the short period of time we’ve been working together. Her guidance has allowed me to get closer to the root of the issues I have been working on improving. This has not only helped give me a more positive outlook, but also better insight as to how making small changes can have a big impact. Revelations though Tonya’s readings have resonated with me, which is always exciting! And the daily practices she has influenced me to incorporate, such as meditation and journaling, have helped provide clarity as to what really needs to be focused on in order to see positive results. Overall, I have really relished through this experience, and looking forward to how far I can go with Tonya’s continued guidance!
When I was presented with the opportunity to take Tonya’s coaching program I was excited, nervous and definitely not over optimistic about the results. Having done the program I must say that my life has transformed significantly for the better. Many of the changes that I’ve always wanted to make and goals I’ve wanted to achieve have been clarified, many achieved and others well on the way to being reached. Since starting the course, I have gained tools to help me clarify and make better decisions as well as break them down into actionable steps that I can pursue daily and weekly. I’m enjoying my work more, I’ve started building my business and am within arms reach of landing my first account. I’m exercising 4+ days a week and frequently establishing new personal bests in running. Journaling, setting goals being accountable for them to myself and my coach have made me focused & driven and I am enjoying the successes that I have created. I plan to continue to use the tools that I have acquired to bring further success into my life and to instill these into my children to set them up for life.
“I have had two sessions with Tonya and have had extraordinary changes, I was suffering with Epstein Barr Virus for over a year and it left me with horrible side effect and feeling terribly low. After one session of Theta Healing I felt the changes instantly and over the week felt shifts within my body. I had lots of energy and any negative thoughts were instantly over ridden with positive thoughts. After my second session I found myself eating healthier, cleaner foods, and steering clear of any sugar. I have also lost weight and this makes me feel so good and confident. I feel happy and positive and motivated to be a better me! I will keep you posted on this wonderful healing journey.” “The changes after the 3rd session have been phenomenal, Tonya worked on my daughter who could not control her tantrums and I was tearing myself apart with turmoil. Tonya worked through me to help my daughter and I cannot believe the changes that have been made. We are getting along so well and have a more loving and bonding relationship. My daughter has also settled within herself and has become reasonable and understanding. I am enjoying her company and her love. I also had a great fear of heights that Tonya honed in on, to my disbelief I looked over the edge of a very high balcony and did not feel the fear I have felt before. I didn’t realise there was no more fear until I sat down 5 minutes after and thought ‘I just looked over that balcony!’. I also have to note I am waking up feeling more refreshed and really enthusiastic about my day. I am still eating healthily and feeling so good. Prior to the sessions with Tonya, I was feeling emotional, full of anxiety and suffering with horrible pain from the EBV. This has helped me so much to make changes and heal through Tonya’s intuitive healing! Tonya, I can’t thank you enough for all of these massive shifts you have helped me to get my life back. I am now back at work and feeling great!”
“This was by far the most powerful thing I’ve done for myself. Tonya went straight to the core of some of my deep seated issues, some I had no idea I had. It was like one after the other I was saying to myself “Oh my god.” It’s one thing to do work on yourself. It’s another to allow yourself to heal. It’s the best gift you can give yourself. There is no better and safer place to do that than with Tonya.”
“Tonya’s healing sessions along with her gift of intuition are a powerful combination for releasing thoughts and emotions. I was delighted to hear the shift in Tonya’s dialogue at the end of my last two sessions as she began channeling information specific for me from spirit. Jaw dropping accuracy and life changing healing. I’m already experiencing the benefits of clearing away what no longer serves my highest and greatest good!”
Tonya is gift I have had readings from Tonya for a few years and each time it is a personal, insightful and rewarding experience. She connects and the messages she conveys are always correct. It is also my pleasure to call her my friend. Thank you for the guidance you’ve provided me on my journeys.
My husband and I went to see Tonya because he was experiencing very deep feelings of sadness due to the loss of his mother and step mother. Tonya connected with us and the spirit world immediately. She provided my husband with comfort and healing. I just sat in and I even got a little info on my grandfather that I was worried about. If you need healing and a connection this is an amazing way to receive it (if you believe). She isn’t a fortune teller. She is very intuitive and has given one of the best gifts to my husband anyone has since his mothers have passed. I recommend her to anyone suffering.
I’ve been seeing Tonya for guidance for just over four years. Her intuitive ability with me has proven to be very much a positive in my life. She knew the gender of both my children, helped guide me on the career path that I will maintain until I retire and just recently let me know that I would be finding a new space for my small business. Her accuracy is undeniable and I don’t hesitate to refer her to all who would benefit from her gift.
I was introduced to Calvin by his wife Tonya who has been providing Intuitive Coaching to me. Calvin has a unique and realistic approach to his discovery and guidance. He provided me with simple tools to gain complete closure with my previous relationships. I also learned about creating boundaries within all relationships - dating, work, friends and family. Calvin is very easy to talk to and I never felt judged. I feel more confident now about entering the dating world and will definitely be back for more guidance from Calvin.
When it came to my relationship I always went to Calvin for advice. I've been in a relationship for 9 years off and on with my high school sweetheart, every time we faced a hardship I knew the person I had to go to was Calvin. He had this way of listening to my situation, gave me his thoughts and insights on what he thought was going on and gave me a number of realistic approaches on how to deal with it or move on with my life. I loved how he never judged me or the situation(s) I was facing in my relationship, instead he taught me how to compromise and accept the man I am "still" with, because he knew I was not going to leave him.
Calvin has been an excellent source for reliable and supportive information when it comes to relationships as well as an individual. I've sought counsel from Calvin many times throughout the years regarding troubles in relationships, individual counseling and support. I cannot think of anyone else who has been an amazing support system through previous ups and downs and who was also concerned and emphasized an importance for my well-being. I cannot thank Calvin enough for the long conversations and support that he has given.