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Unmute Your Inner Voice


unmute your inner voice

  • Have you ever wondered why some people are more intuitive than others?
  • Why do you have gut feelings only sometimes?
  • Do you trust your instincts?

This program will give you a solid foundation to begin your relationship with spirit. Through the ground work of tapping directly into your own intuition, you can reach the clarity and guidance needed to navigate life’s challenges. You will gain specific tools and guidelines to build a brighter path to inner knowing.


  • Understand how your own gut feelings work
  • Make faster decisions
  • Empowerment through validating your inner voice
  • Balance and deeper connection to self

You will learn:

  • How your intuition shows up
  • Tips to turbo boost your intuition when you need it
  • Transform "can't" meditate into "Love to meditate"
  • Techniques to trust your Inner knowing

A great value for only $97


Love By-Product


sand-1229591_1920The Bi-product of Love gives simple techniques to dig deeper into your own level of self-love. Through this exploration, the result is sharpening your own intuition which can be used in everyday life.

You will learn:
  • Techniques to check in with yourself and intuition
  • Road blocks that stall your success
  • Your definition of self-love and ways to raise the levels

  • Loving yourself deeper
  • New tools for your toolbox of healing
  • Feeling more connected to others

A great value,


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Meditation 101


image-216411_1280A video series that opens the door to the simple process of meditation. The beautiful art form of meditation is limitless with benefits and boundless with opportunities. This series will open your eyes as to how you can reap the rewards of the masterful yogis.

You will learn: 
  • Know your personal purpose for meditation
  • Basic meditation styles that work
  • How to create your own formula of meditation

  • Nervous system and concentration repair
  • Connection to quiet finally
  • No more excuses

A great value for only $27


Guided Meditations


sun-622740_1280These guided meditations are specifically designed for the hamster wheel mind. If you feel you can't meditate, these meditations are a great start for you.

  • A result from meditation immediately gives your mind a direction to focus
  • Build a sense of balance
  • Create new neuro-pathways

A great value for only $9.97


Conscious Beauty


daisy-heartConscious Beauty for the service provider is a program designed specifically for the beauty industry service providers. This program teaches you how to better your business and deeper your understanding of your purpose in this valued industry.

You will learn:
  • How to build a lasting business and better serve your clients
  • Techniques to not feel burnt out
  • How to tap into more creativity and read your clients

  • Understand your multifaceted purpose
  • Feeling a new sense of fulfillment in the beauty industry
  • Successful mindset shift

A good value for only $197

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Our message from spirit today!

"What a beautiful gift you have.... Life! The ability to express the spectrum of emotion and harness the challenges set before you. Examine the amazing gifts you possess and next how you have shared them with the world.

Do you celebrate others in a genuine way?
Do you get others to move into the directions of their dreams?
Do you build teams and support others?
Is your voice full of wisdom and depth?

You have shared your insight or touched many people along your path. You charismatic smile, listening ear, your written words floating into the hearts of others, your eyes sparkling with ideas, and the list goes on....

Each and everyone of you are here to co-exist. You share, love, devote, honor, and teach.

Look at the sea of unique beams of light shining bright to form the existence of Earth. Reflect on this perspective and open your heart to the sea!"
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As I tuned in for this morning, I was shown our confusion with peace and happiness. Time to check in with your definition and understanding of what that means to you. I was being shown the disconnect with the conscious meaning and unconscious feeling.

"How many of you say your happy but feel continually unhappy with how things are or what you have in your life? Who has lost sight of their peace or have no true knowing of what peace actually feels like.

It is time to get a deeper with your understanding of your feelings as well as how often you are unhappy with things. If you don't know what it feels like to be happy or at peace most of the time then this is a sign to seek the healing and understanding. It comes within vs the external experiences.

You may not use the words unhappy but you are ranting about this or that. This is not to say, don't be upset or angry but more for you to recognize the difference between the times you are unhappy vs the times you are happy and at peace. Focusing on, feeling, and verbalizing the happiness and peace is the point is."

Enjoy the happiness and peace that can radiate within you!
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