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Everyone is so unique and beautiful as they walk through their own journey. Love and support are huge components on how those journeys manifest. How we are loved and how we love ourselves unravels the paths we take. We, the creators of our lives, open the door to the support we need to achieve goals and dreams. My life’s purpose is to assist those walking through change and evolution. My strong intuition strengthens my qualities as a coach by giving me a sense of what questions to ask or a deeper understanding of what the client is experiencing at the time. As my own journey unfolded, I developed my skills as a healer, teacher, and coach through immersing myself in many avenues of self-development to understand my own life and better serve those I work with.

My process to become an intuitive life coach began long before I even thought about coaching in general. I have always known that I wanted to help people work through their challenges. I wanted to go into psychology in high school after experiencing an eye opening awareness to child abuse first hand through volunteering in a daycare for children suffering from abuse. Just before graduating HS I had an AH HA moment that brought me back to my early childhood dream of becoming a stylist. Through the beauty industry, I was able to fulfill both of my passions of making people feel better about themselves while providing space for them to be heard and sharing awareness.

From the time I was 5, I played “hair lady” and when asked what I wanted to be when I grow up, I would reply with a smile, “a beautician.”  My psychic abilities presented themselves while working at a spa in West LA, when I had my first eye opening occurrence happen. While admiring a clients beautiful ring, a birth date came to me clear as day. I told my client and she said, “That’s my birthday!” This type of information flashes through my mind like watching a television show. That first flash of intuition inspired me to start helping people through spiritual insight. I believe that “psychic hit” acted as a catalyst to further evolve my natural skills through meditation and energy work.

As part of my own evolution, came serious unexpected life changes. I became very ill with an autoimmune disease that forced me to look at things from a raw and deep level. Why do I do the things I do, why do I need to control and stress? Why am I so afraid of my other natural gifts and talents? Through the weakness of the illness, my intuition and spiritual connection soared. My physical body was wreckage and traditional medicine was failing me. I began to seek alternative healing modalities like Shamanic journeys, Ayurvedic coaching, DNA recalibrating, and traditional Chinese medicine. I was forced to get to the roots of this illness in order to eventually go into remission.  Through all of these modalities including talk therapy and life coaching, I was able to unravel the many things that were creating this lack of control in my physical body. There was not just one thing that I could say that allowed my body to regain it’s strength and vitality but the culmination of my determination, my purpose in this life, and the healing I continue to create. The healing is not just around my physical body but my mindset and patterns as well. This is something that continues to unfold and I believe will assist with my soul’s evolution.

Through my work as an intuitive, I felt that people are looking for answers but not having the skills or support to fulfill the wisdom from spirit. This is what brought me to become a coach. As my own evolution continued, I was seeking another source of coaching to better my own practice. This is when divine intervention stepped in to bring Dharma Express Coaching into my life at the perfect time. The Dharma process has been fulfilling and challenging at the same time. It brought forward a beautiful foundation and process to help many evolve and grow. My own personal growth through the process brought up my deep rooted beliefs and patterning front and center from time management to self-doubt and judgment. The process brought light to what I was ready to work on and gave direct tools to transform that which is no longer serving me. This process has changed me forever, resulting in a better version of the healer, teacher, and coach I am today.

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Our message from spirit today!

"What a beautiful gift you have.... Life! The ability to express the spectrum of emotion and harness the challenges set before you. Examine the amazing gifts you possess and next how you have shared them with the world.

Do you celebrate others in a genuine way?
Do you get others to move into the directions of their dreams?
Do you build teams and support others?
Is your voice full of wisdom and depth?

You have shared your insight or touched many people along your path. You charismatic smile, listening ear, your written words floating into the hearts of others, your eyes sparkling with ideas, and the list goes on....

Each and everyone of you are here to co-exist. You share, love, devote, honor, and teach.

Look at the sea of unique beams of light shining bright to form the existence of Earth. Reflect on this perspective and open your heart to the sea!"
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As I tuned in for this morning, I was shown our confusion with peace and happiness. Time to check in with your definition and understanding of what that means to you. I was being shown the disconnect with the conscious meaning and unconscious feeling.

"How many of you say your happy but feel continually unhappy with how things are or what you have in your life? Who has lost sight of their peace or have no true knowing of what peace actually feels like.

It is time to get a deeper with your understanding of your feelings as well as how often you are unhappy with things. If you don't know what it feels like to be happy or at peace most of the time then this is a sign to seek the healing and understanding. It comes within vs the external experiences.

You may not use the words unhappy but you are ranting about this or that. This is not to say, don't be upset or angry but more for you to recognize the difference between the times you are unhappy vs the times you are happy and at peace. Focusing on, feeling, and verbalizing the happiness and peace is the point is."

Enjoy the happiness and peace that can radiate within you!
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